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Volume No. Year
Article Title

No. 01    1960
"A Rugged Son of Arizona"
Charles U. Pickerell
(Al Smith - Northern Arizona Cowboy)

No. 01    1960
"The Part Fort Buchanan Played in the Civil War"
J. F. Weadock

No. 03    1961
"Biography of a Desert Church - San Xavier"
Bernard L. Fontana (revised 1996)

No. 04    1961
"A Desert Dream of the South - Civil War in the Southwest"
James Lee Neely

No. 05    1962
"Alamos - Sonora’s City of Silver"
Rachel T. French

No. 09    1964
"The Sabre Retires: Pershing’s Cavalry in Mexico"
Andrew Wallace

No. 11    1965
"Apache Pass and Old Fort Bowie 1850-1894"
R. A. Mulligan

No. 12    1965
"The Military Post of Sonoita Creek, Fort Buchanan, 1857-61 and Camp Crittenden 1868-73)”
James E. Serven

No. 13    1966
"Tombstone Theatre Tonight, 1879-92"
Pat M. Ryan

No. 14    1966
"Journalism in Pre-Territorial Arizona"
Kenneth Hufford

No. 15    1967
"Generals Crook and Miles in Arizona"
Capt. John C. Bourke & Maj. Geo.W. Baird

No. 16    1967
"A History of the Forest Service"
Charles R. Ames

No. 17    1968
"The Pony Express & Overland Mail"
Waddell P. Smith & James E. Serven

No. 18    1968
"Legends of Lost Missions and Mines"
Charles W. Polzer, S.J.

No. 19    1969
"Charles Trumbull Hayden"
Bert Fireman

No. 20    1969
"The Discovery of the Rainbow Bridge"
Otis H. Chidester

No. 20    1969
"Early Travel on the Green and Colorado Rivers"
Otis “Dock” Marston

No. 21    1970
"Seventeenth Century Missions of the Western Pueblo Area"
Watson Smith

No. 22    1970
"An End to the Apache Warpath"
James E. Serven

No. 22    1970
"The Day Tucson Honored the Man Who Captured Geronimo"
Don Shellie

No. 23    1971
"Cars Stop Here: A Brief History of the Street Railways in Tucson”
John A. Harvey and Cirino G. Scavone

No. 24    1971
"Calabazas of the Rio Rico"
Bernard L. Fontana

No. 25    1972
"Navajo and Western Pueblo History”
David M. Brugge

No. 26    1972
"Fort Whipple in the Days of the Empire"
Andrew Wallace

No. 28    1973
"Wagon Freighting in Arizona"
Henry P. Walker

No. 29    1974
"History of Fort Huachuca 1877-90”
Bruno J. Rolak

No. 29    1974
“Recollections of Geronimo’s Final Surrender"
As told to Fred W. Croxen, Sr.

No. 29    1974
“Events Behind a Monument”
James E. Serven
(Geronimo Surrender Monument - 1934).

No. 30    1974
"Franciscan Chapels on the Papagueria 1912-73"
James Griffith

No. 31    1975
"Wagon Making in Southern Arizona"
James E. Serven and Edward F. Ronstadt

No. 35    1978
"Southwestern Indian Musical Instruments”
Laurinda Queen

No. 36    1978
"Aftermath of Cibecue: Court Marshal of the Apache Scouts, 1881”
Sidney Brinckerhoff

No. 37    1979
"New Mexico Volunteers, 1862-66”
Lee Myers

No. 38    1979
"La Canoa-A Spanish Land Grant Lost and Found”
Richard R. Willey

No. 39    1980
"The Land of Sudden Death: Governor Lew Wallace of New Mexico”
Lee Scott Theisen

No. 40    1980
"Chaplain Allen Allensworth and the 24th Infantry, 1886-1906"
J. P. Langellier

No. 41    1981
"Artillery Helped Win the Southwest 1549-1875”
Robert M. Stegmaier

No. 42    1981
"A Texas Gamble: The Snively Expedition of 1843”
Henry P. Walker

No. 43/44 1982
"Yavapai Country Memories, 1863-94”
Charles Baldwin Genung

No. 45/46 1985
"1600 Mile TripBurro-Albuquerque to Los Angeles, 1895-96”
E. F. Walker

No. 47/48 1986
"San Augustin del Tucson: A Vanished Mission Community of the Pimeria Alta"
Bernard L. Fontana

No. 47/48 1986
"The Presidio of Santa Cruz de Terrenate: A Forgotten Fortress of Southern Arizona”
Jack Williams

No. 49/50 1988
"Kino’s Unforeseen Legacy: Consequences of Missionization”
Tom Sheridan

No. 49/50 1988
"Fortress Tucson: Architecture and the Art of War”
Jack Williams

No. 51     1988
"Jerome: Man’s Changes to One Mountain”
Nancy R. Smith

No. 51     1988
“The Great Ferry War of 1905 and Other Nautical Adventures on the Gila River”
Mona McCroskey

No. 52     1989
"The Chief Justice Dissents”
James M. Murphy

No. 52     1989
 “A Faithful Account of the Life and Death of Dr. Charles Handy”
Sister Alberta Cammack

No. 53     1990
"Henry O. Jaastad: Architect of Tucson’s Future”
Mona McCroskey

No. 53     1990
“Ignacio Bonillas, the Governor’s Houseboy and Mexican Ambassador”
Robert Cunningham

No. 54     1990
"Tucson’s Million Dollar Railroad to Nowhere”
Peyton Reavis

No. 54     1990
“Great Little Hopi: Lewis Tewanima”
Peyton Reavis

No. 56     1991
"Dr. George Martin, Sr., Pioneer Arizona and Tucson Druggist,
Founder of the Drug Company”
Martin Ronstadt

No. 57     1992
"Retracing the General Crook Trail: A Centennial Project”
Eldon G. Bowman

No. 58     1992
"It’s a Dirty Job, but Somebody Has To Do It-Arizona’s Little War of 1924
Margaret Maxwell

No. 58     1992
“Maricopa: New County in Arizona Territory”
Naomi Zunker

No. 59     1993
"Double-Edged Bill Oury, Frontier Question Mark”
Bob Cunningham

No. 59     1993
“Blame the Bootlegger - Accounting for Geronimo’s Last Escape”
Bob Cunningham

No. 60     1993
"Forsyth and the 1882 Outbreak Campaign”
Hoyt Sanford Vandenberg, Jr.

No. 61     1994
"Love from an Army Saddle, a Tucson Settler vs. Apaches and Washington"
Bob Cunningham

No. 61     1994
"Bridging the WestWire, and Arizona’s Frontier Telegraphy”
Robert Cunningham

No. 62     1994
"Canyon Diabolo: Its Devilish History"
Ann T. Strickland

No. 62     1994
“An Arizona Family Adventure, 1893”
As told to Ann T. Strickland
(Northern Arizona Memoir)

No. 63     1995
"Murder of an Unsung Hero: Arizona’s Andres Moreno”
Stanley C. Brown

No. 64     1995
"From Railroad to Warehouse: The Story of the Northside of Tucson’s Downtown Part 1”
David Devine

No. 64A  1996
“From Warehouse to Re-use: The Story of the Northside of Tucson’s Downtown Part 2”
David Devine

No. 65     1996
"Freight HaulingTruck, Holbrook, 1917-18”
As told to Robert Cunningham by Lou Pritzel

No. 65     1996
“James Douglas and the Tucson, Phoenix and Tidewater Railroad”
Bob Cunningham

No. 66     1996
"W.H. ‘Bold’ Emory’s Notes of a Military Reconnaissance-a Survey of Arizona’s Gila River, 1846”
Bob Cunningham

No. 66     1996
“The March of the Mormon Battalion”
Margaret Maxwell

No. 67     1997
"The One-year War of Company E, Arizona Volunteer Infantry”
Stan Brown

No. 68     1997
"Dreaming of Autopia: Southern Arizona’s Auto Courts of the 1920s-30s”
David Devine

No. 69     1998
"From ‘Old Ajo’ to the Birth of ‘New Ajo’ and Beyond”
Forrest R. Rickard

No. 70     1998
"The Marvin Affair-a Bizarre University of Arizona Presidency”
David L. Windsor

No. 71     2000
"Struggle for Survival: the South Tucson Story.
Tucson Area Incorporations, 1933-97”
David Devine

No. 72/73 2001
"Esteemed in Importance: The Early History of Fort Yuma, 1850-1861”
Mark Santiago

No. 74     2002
"Life at Post, Fort Lowell, Arizona Territory 1873-1892”
David Faust and Kenneth Randall

No. 75     2002
"The Village of Arivaca, a short history”
Mary Noon Kausulaitis

No. 76     2003
"Camp Lowell, and Tucson’s Military Outpost 1853-1873”
David Faust and Kenneth Randall

No. 77     2004
"How Slavery, Railroads, and Politicians Shaped and Then Reshaped
James Gadsden’s Treaty”
David Devine

No. 78     2004
"History of Fort Apache, Arizona Territory 1870-1922”
Lori Davidson Revised and re-edited from No. 33, 1977

No. 79     2005
"Of Pioneers and Property: The Sosa-Carrillo-Fremont House and Urban Renewal”
Fred McAninch

No. 80     2005
"Without a Shot Being Fired: The 1934 Capture of the Dillinger Gang in Tucson”
Stan Benjamin

No. 81     2006
"A Nice Place to Visit: A Brief History of Sabino Canyon”
Jim Turner

No. 82     2007
"History of the La Posta Quemada Ranch, Vail, Arizona”
Sharon E. Hunt

No. 83     2007
"The Butterfield Trail Revisited, Across Arizona Territory”
Stan Brown

No. 84     2008
"Preserving our Western Natural and Historical Heritage:
The Enduring Legacy of S. J. Holsinger”
James B. Klein, M.D.

No. 85     2008
"A Couple of More Days and I Will Be a Native - Vintage Tucson Postcards"
David Snell

No. 86     2009
"Military Debacle in Cottonwood Wash, The Apache Ambush of Captain Frank Millar and
Assistant Surgeon Benjamin Tappan, Jr.”
Doug Hamilton, Berndt Kühn and Larry Ludwig

No. 87     2009
"History of the Apache Indian Agency and Army Camp at Old San Carlos, 1873-1929”
Paul R. Nickens and Kathleen M. Nickens

No. 88/89 2010
"Tucson’s Wondrous Railroad Depot, A History of the Toole Avenue Train Station”
William D. Kalt III and David Devine. Golden Anniversary issue (46 pages)

No. 90     2011
"The Old Vail Post Office, Connecting the Greater Vail Community Since 1908
J. J. Lamb

No. 91     2012
"Henry Fountain Ashurst, The Silver-Tongued Sunbeam of the Painted Desert
Ann T. Rowland

No. 92     2012
"Apache Junction and the Superstition Mountains”
Jane Eppinga

No. 93     2013
"Tucson’s Four Ronstadts: Fred - Dick - Emilia - Pepe"
Armand Martin “Marty” Ronstadt

No. 94     2014
"Sky Sensations: Early Arizona Aviation Tales"
William D. Kalt III

No. 95     2014
"Uncovering the Presidio San Agustín del Tucson"
J. Homer Thiel
"History Revived: Rebuilding Tucson's Presidio"
Gayle Harrison Hartmann

No. 96     2017
"SHOWDOWN IN YUMA: The 1877 Southern Pacific Railroad Bridge Battle"
David Devine

No. 97/98 2017
"Capturing Lupe: A Sierra Madre Apache Survivor’s Story, 1900-1969" Lynda Sanchez
"Pony Duncan's Account of the Sierra en Medio Fight." Annotated by Allan Radbourne
"Chiricahua Apache Outbreak: Events leading to the Sierra en Medio Fight" Bernd Brand

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