Tucson Corral Contact Information

General Information

Email address for general inquiries: info@tucsoncorralwesterners.com

Please find additional contact information below.

David Kubista
Contact by e-mail: helimeds@yahoo.com
Telephone (520) 326-2794

Reservations for Monthly Dinner Meetings

Gowher Jamshedi
Trail Boss
Contact by email, click: Rrjgrj@aol.com
Telephone: (520) 548-3820

Membership Information

Ralph & Linda Coltrin 
Registrar of Marks and Brands
Contact by email: lmcoltrin@comcast.net
Telephone: (520) 400-1690

Publication Sales:
"The Smoke Signal"
"Brand Books"

Dr. James Klein or Gowher Jamshedi
(520) 795-9484

Publication Editor

Ink Slinger
Contact by email, click:

Mail Address

Mailing address:

Tucson Corral of the Westerners
P.O.Box 40744
Tucson, Arizona 85717-7044

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